What is Keenwawa?

Keenwawa is a company driven to make a transformative impact by delivering on the promise of Quinoa as the solution to a smarter, more sustainable food supply. The world’s food system is challenged – highly inefficient in its resource utilization and delivering fundamentally unhealthy food to consumers. Through the use of food and sensory science to guide the creation of better food, and software and data science to engineer a new type of fast food experience, we are expanding the prominence and accessibility of an alternative that is better for people and better for the planet.

The Need for Change

We see a world with severe food shortages, and a rapidly growing population and rising middle class will continue to increase the demand for sustainable food sources. Much of the problem is due to increased consumption of animal protein by the growing middle class and the massive amounts of energy, water and land required to produce protein from eggs, fish, chicken, beef and pork. And at the same time, climate change is not making it easier.

So how do we meet this ever-increasing demand for protein and do so in an environmentally and economically sustainable way? Quinoa.

870 million
Undernourished globally today

New farm acres

7b to 9b
Population growth by 2050

2b to 5b
Middle class growth by 2050

80  vs  50kg
Middle class eats more protein per year

Quinoa: The Perfect Food

Quinoa is highly energy efficient to produce which makes it the perfect food to address our growing global food challenges. Unlike animal-based protein sources which require significant food and water inputs, Quinoa has an incredibly high ratio of protein production to energy consumption. Completely cholesterol and gluten free, Quinoa delivers a nearly 100% digestible complete protein, with all of the amino acids necessary for human nutrition.

Different from other superfoods, Quinoa is a staple, and is not restricted as an additive, topping or supplement. It can absorb flavors and the textures of sauces, and can act as the base for an endless range of flavor profiles, which gives it the ability to meet standards for flavor attractiveness necessary for mass adoption. In short, Quinoa is not only better than rice, bread or potatoes, but it’s better for people and better for the planet.

  • 30x More Protein

    Utilizing the same resources as beef, quinoa produces 30 times the protein.

  • Complete Protein

    Quinoa has the perfect balance of all 9 amino acids essential for human nutrition.

  • 10x Less Fat

    1 cup of cooked quinoa contains 3g of fat compared with 33g of fat in “lean” beef.

“If you ask for one crop that can save the world and address climate change, nutrition, all these things – the answer is quinoa. There is no doubt about it.”

Sven-Erik JacobsonDanish agronomist

Delivering a better alternative: Software, meet Food Science

Picture any nearby fast food restaurant. Now think about the fact that over 50% of your neighbors will eat there (or at any number of similar locations) this week and every week after that. It’s fairly easy to imagine the experience they will have as they wait in line to purchase a meal that 76% will describe as unhealthy for them.

So why do they go? Because they are drawn to the promise of speed, the perception of value, and the craveability, delivered through food with scientifically crafted addictive flavors that damage nutrition.

Now imagine how easy it would be to change this: re-engineer the experience, develop software to drive efficiency, use food science to create food that is incredibly craveable while being truly nutritious. The result will be Fast Food that is faster, cheaper, tastier and healthier. That’s our mission. Better food for more people, and better for the planet in the process.

We’re Hiring

Food & Sensory Scientists

Our food and sensory scientists are utilizing cutting edge quantitative and analytical methods to guide big changes in the food industry. Combined with a passion for innovation, our team is motivated to solve big challenges in how we provide better food to more people.

Product, Engineering & Design

Our talented Product, Design and Engineering teams are changing the face of technology in the food segment and are re-defining that experience from all perspectives. We are aggressively building out this team with motivated all-stars who are looking to be at the forefront of re-inventing an industry.

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